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Corporate Client Options


Product Promotion 

Incorporate the Photo Booth to help promote your brand! This has brought tremendous results for our clients. Whenever you have a group of prospective clients in one place consider putting a photo booth there and they will be drawn to it. Your logo and product information will print out on every strip. Using a 3-pose strip (seen below) is idea for this as it allows for more room for your logo and product information. At no extra charge, we will put your logo on all the photos that get uploaded to our website as well (shown below). So when the guests retrieve the individual shots on-line to save to their Facebook page, your logo will be on the photo!

Also a photo booth is a great way to make your company stand out during a trade show. While other companies are giving out candy, pens and squishy balls, you will be giving out photos with your company logo and contact information on it. We know space is an issue with many trade shows but you will be surprised how many places our photo booth can fit into. A photo booth is a great draw at trade shows and they are sure to increase traffic to your display and help promote your product in a unique way.



The photo booth is a great way to thank sponsors or contributors to a specific cause. If you are hosting an event that is either a kick off or a celebration of a job well done you can thank those who made it all possible by giving them the gift of laughter. Often extraordinary events are capped off with a big celebration and this is where we come in. You may even put the logo of a large sponsor on all the photo strips and/or uploaded images.

You may also save money on the photo booth rental by charging sponsors to have their logo placed on all the photo strips and/or uploaded images. This has worked many times for our clients and has helped offset some of, if not all, of the cost of the rental. The sponsors make out great because of the added exposure! This is mostly used for charity events. You may use up to four logos (sponsors) using the 3-pose strip above.

The photo booth is great for a multitude of corporate and charitable functions. Below are just some examples of how you can benefit from having a photo booth at your event! The corporate package below is perfect for product promotions.

Elebrations/Holiday Parties

A photo booth is an innovative way to celebrate your big event. You and your employees will have unlimited access to the photo booth during the event and the print outs are customizable with your company logo and message. It acts as a great keepsake. During the event you can run contests and/or games that involve the photo booth. Call us for suggestions. (And since a technician comes with the rental you can use them for this capacity as well). The photo booth will make your celebration or holiday party all the more memorable!


Whether you are announcing a new product or a sales promotion a photo booth is a great way to enhance the experience. Since the prints are customizable you can choose to add any message you want along with any information about the product. All your attendees will be entertained, whether they are employees, customers or prospects. Once again a photo booth is an excellent way to make your event more memorable.


Traffic. Traffic. Traffic. This is a great way to increase exposure and draw people into your store. Photo booths are people magnets, especially when they don’t have to pay for the print! A great idea here is to rent the booth during a special sales event and you can customize the print to have a discount or a coupon on it. Your customers will think of your company and the great deal they got whenever they look at the photo. This is a great way to increase sales and to remind your clients of your company even after they have left your store.