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The wedding photo booth is not (we repeat not!) going away anytime soon. In fact, it has become more of a reception staple than a come-and-go wedding trend. Here’s why. The photo booth is one of those wedding reception elements that everyone of all ages will be able to enjoy together. And trust us, the photo booth is going to be a popular activity at your reception, which means you’ll have guests lining up to try it out as soon as you make it available to them. That includes your less-talkative guests who might not know anyone else at your wedding like that friend from work. Here are the top five benefits of renting a photo booth:

1. Photo booths are a great time filler!

Although you and the rest of the wedding party may be having a wonderful time getting pictures done after the ceremony, your guests at the reception site will be anxiously awaiting your arrival to get the party started. A photo booth gives your family and friends something to do before the official start of the reception and is an excellent activity to prevent pre-reception boredom. It will also help you and your groom relax and not feel as if you need to rush through pictures just to hurry up and get back to your guests.

2. Photo booth prints make for terrific wedding favors!

While there are still some brides who want to provide their guests with fancy chocolates and hand-crafted candles with the perfectly-scripted initials of the wedding couple written on them, more and more wedding receptions are moving away from the traditional wedding favors seen in weddings in the past. By incorporating a photo booth in your wedding, you give guests the opportunity not only to have fun having their picture taken, but to also have a souvenir to take with them at the end of the night.

3. Photo booths give guests the opportunity to loosen up and have fun!

At some point during the night, some of your guests may need a break from the “Cha Cha Slide” and catching bridal bouquets and will be looking for a different pastime to entertain them. Photo booths allow everyone from your adorable four year-old nephew to your kooky great-aunt (who you are amazed is still up after 9 PM!) to get together and join in the fun. No matter how prim and proper you may be, it’s extremely difficult to remain serious when you’ve got a sombrero and a pink boa on!

4. A photo booth appeals to all ages!

The ages of your guests can often vary from the very young to the very old! One of the many great things about photo booths is that they appeal to all age groups, from your two year old niece to your eighty year old grandparents. Even if your grandmother is not up for dancing the night away, she is more than likely going to jump at the chance to take a few snap shots with the new bride and groom.

5. A photo booth keeps your guests entertained!

Many couples worry about how they are going to keep their guests happy and entertained during a long wedding reception. The answer is simple, hire a photo booth! There are not many people that can resist piling into a booth with their friends to dress up in silly props and pull crazy faces.